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PWJ: Ductless Mini Split System

Plumbing with Jill:plumbing with Jill.

Ductless Mini Split Systems

I didn’t make it out of the office this past week but we did get some great pictures and information on an interesting install so I thought I would share this with you this week.  A little food for thought!

Back in the 80’s and 90’s many home builders were looking for a way to save on the costs of building a home; in comes the inexpensive and easy to install baseboard heating.  Out goes the ducted electric, oil, or gas furnace, the full size heat pump, and the wood furnace.  These were and are normally only put in by request.  A home built without an owner in mind, usually has baseboard heating.

Funny thing is that it’s still hot outside in the summer.  If you have never been to the east coast during the summer months, you don’t really understand the heat around here.  It’s a very humid environment, therefore you are sweating when you stand outside.  Not doing anything, just standing and breathing and sweating!  While we make sure to enjoy that sunshine and warmth because we all know that winter comes every year and with it comes freezing cold and snow!  It’s still not the most fun to sleep in!  The humidity doesn’t always go away during the night and that makes for sweaty sleeps!

If you have or had a ducted furnace of any kind, a full size heat pump that provides nice heat in the winter and wonderful air conditioning in the summer is your best option.   We are a proud Lennox Dealer for over 40 yrs.  It’s easily attached to a furnace and ready to work to provide a comfortable temperature throughout your home!05_lennox_logo_tag_clr

But alas most of the houses built in recent years don’t have those ducted furnaces.  This is where the magic of the ductless mini split comes in!  Awhile back they were just for air conditioning, now in more recent years they have come back with both heating and cooling options.   We regularly use LG mini splits.  They have their limitations, as do most things.  They can’t push air (warm or cool) through walls and around corners.  BUT they do cool a large space rather nicely.  They cool through doors alright, better than no air conditioning at all.


We have installed many of both types but the mini splits have been a great alternative for many people.  We recently had an install that was a little more complicated because we didn’t want to ruin the esthetic of the front of an office building.  We had to use our creativity to make the units work in the spaces needed inside and to work with the outside look as well.


The white casing across the top and down in those three spots contain our piping and all necessary wiring.  Neatly and discreetly tucked away.


This shows where the electrical was picked up and included in the covered casing.


This shows the casing leading to the outdoor unit.

A nice neat job with happy customers.

Check back again for Plumbing with Jill!

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