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Cross Connection Control Devices

First question you might be asking: What is a Cross Connection Control Device or Backflow Prevention System and why do I need it?

These CCC or BFP devices stop the unwanted flow of used or non-potable water/susbstance from any domestic, industrical or institutional piping system from going into the pure potable water distribution system. So if the City of Fredericton’s water main (our pure potable water distribution system) has a break, the CCC or BFP would stop water from being pulled from a building’s water system and going into the city’s water main. A break causes the system to do the reverse of what it should do, as in pulling water instead of pushing water.

These backflow prevention devices are required by the City of Fredericton’s by-law to be on every commercial building as well as any apartment building that has 3 or more units.

If you work with potentially hazardous materials near or with your water supply, it would be advisable for you to have one installed on your water system to protect the City’s of Fredericton’s water source and your neighbour.

We install and test CCC/BFP regularly.

CCC/BPF are required by the City of Fredericton and the Province of New Brunswick to be tested annually.

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